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Artist Statement

My Personal Motto is

Every unique design idea is worth exploring

I create representational and abstract works of art in fabric and mixed media.  Inspiration for my imagery is drawn from natural and scientific phenomena; clouds formations, storms, frozen lakes, the night sky and deep space.

My work is based on my own watercolor pencil drawings and photographs. New work combines drawings and photographs into Adobe Illustrator images that are printed on fabric and then combined with machine appliqué.

I use my own hand dyed cotton, commercially available cotton embellished with fabric paint, foils, beads, Swarovski crystals, metal brads, and silk cording.
I predominately use cotton fabric because the colors and textures I create with cotton lends itself more to the natural; the sky, or ice or star-scape I’m portraying, than a silky or shiny fabric would. I will sparingly use organza to layer over a few elements for a transparent effect.

Carol D Frank Artist